Homosexuality and Psychology

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  • pakistan-cannibalismIf a boy wants FIFA he is super cool, if he plays GTA he’s a stud, if he wants the new Harley which was launched yesterday or a new Hublot then that is it, no one is as cool or as attractive as him. Oh well, there is something wrong with this society, that is, if a boy wants a boy, he’s landing up in Jail and severely criticized.
    Do all boys prefer girls? Certainly not.
    There are some who are quite different from us, but just because they are different do they deserve criticism? Is this what the society has come to? Criticizing someone’s comfort level and their personal choice? I mean, come-on, who are we to decide what is right and wrong when being homosexual is quite natural?
    Homosexuality probably has hormonal and undoubtedly social and psychological factors.
    There are some who’ll tell you that during this election…

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